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One of only two Australian monotreme mammals (the other being the echidna) the Platypus has a duck-like leathery bill, a furred body, a flattened tail like a beaver, and four webbed feet with claws.


Whilst the male has a poisonous spur, about half an inch in length on the inside of each hind leg, no human deaths have been recorded. The maximum length for a male is 24 inches (60cm)  and 20 inches (50cm) for a female.

They are expert swimmers and divers and can stay underwater for several minutes. They are strong borrowers and make two burrows, one for general living quarters and the other for breeding.

Where to spot them

Broken River, in Eungella National Park, is the best place in the world to see a platypus in the wild. Just a short walk from Broken River Mountain Resort are purpose-built viewing platforms that overlook Broken River. These platforms are open to the general public and are free to access.

Platypus are mostly nocturnal so the best time to spot a platypus is at dawn or dusk. Approach the river bank slowly and quietly and look for ripples and bubbles made by the platypus searching on the riverbed for food.

Platypus Viewing
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