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Broken River in Eungella National Park is the platypus capital of the world. The viewing platforms close to the Ranger’s Station and Broken River Mountain Resort are the most reliable place on the planet to see these elusive monotremes in their natural habitat.

The best times to see platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is when they feed in the early morning and evening – just before your own hearty breakfast or pre-dinner drinks in the Possum’s Table Restaurant at Broken River Mountain Resort.

Our Rainforests abound with wildlife

Eungella, the longest stretch of sub-tropical rainforest in Australia, is home to 225 different species of spectacular rainforest birds – some common, some rare, and some found nowhere else on earth.

As well as your only chance ever to see the Eungella Honeyeater in the wild, you can also enjoy the colour of the Regent Bower Bird and Wompoo Fruit Dove, and thrill to the majesty of the White Breasted Sea Eagle.

Eungella has become home to a magical variety of native wildlife including the gastric brooding frog (endangered) and the orange-sided skink. You will also see a wide variety of other reptiles, Pademelons, bats and insects in their natural habitat. For something really special join one of our daytime guided tours or evening spotlighting sessions (bookings required) with one of our resident environmentalists.

The resort even hosts it’s own family of Common Brushtail Possums that usually feed nightly on the balcony at the Restaurant.

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